From the beehive to your table

An intensely aromatic honey, with exceptional flavour and a bright appearance.  It is classified as one of the better quality honeys to exist.   It crystallizes within 6 to 18 months of production.  It is a toner, has antiseptic attributes and empowers the immune system of the body.


Although thyme honey is found throughout Greece, the classically famous source of thyme honey is from the slopes of Mount Hymettus (in Attica near Athens). Traded widely, the name Hymettus became synonymous with honey. Around Hymettus, the main sources are wild thyme (T. Capitatus) and thyme-leaved savory (Satureia

"Because thyme grows wild it is usually organic in nature although there are no certification standards in place."

Flowers, forest & Thyme

‘Méli Thymarísio’ / Thyme Honey'

Flowers & forest

Anthómelo’ / Polyfloral Honey

Flower & Forest Honey is about the 65 percent of the total honey production in Greece and is derived from the honey dew insect Marchalina hellenica ( known as ” Vamvakado “, ” worker ” ) when it parasites in Chalepeio and Trachea pine.

The main producing areas of flowers & forest honey is the northern

Halkidiki , Thassos, Skopelos, Zakynthos, Peloponnese and Rodos. The periods of secretions that can be exploit for the production of forest honey is mainly from August to October.



A multiple origin honey, which bees have produced from the abundance of Greek plants.  Its attributes differ depending on the plants of origin.  Usually light colored, it has an exceptional perfume and flavour.  When darkly colored, it has a high nutritious value because of its richness in trace elements [potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc]

Portion Honey Sticks

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Put also some sticks in your's and children bag and enjoy it on the go with your coffee, milk, smoothie or tea.